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"And when everyone's super, no-one will be."
—Syndrome announcing his plans to the supers and his true colors.
Buddy Pine most commonly known as Syndrome and briefly as Incredi-boy, is the hidden main antagonist (he reforms at the end of the film) of The Incredibles. He is the former assistant to Mirage.

At first, he is kind, cheerful, eager, hyperactive, and positive. But in the present, he is mysterious, creepy, dark, impatient, legendary, murderous, selfish, mean, lazy, ruthless, grumpy, power-hungry, evil, sinister, greedy, dangerous, villainous, rude, cranky, maniacal, bitter, negative, spoiled, ancient, reckless, gruff, naughty and evil.


Early Life

"You always, always say be true to yourself, but you never say which part of yourself to be true to. Well, I finally figured out who I am, I am your ward... Incredi-boy!"
—Buddy to Mr. Incredible.
Buddy was a massive fan of Mr. Incredible, and all he wanted was to be just like him. Buddy also happened to be a genius for his age, creating technology that adults haven't even perfected. Buddy used his gift to make a superhero costume and gadgets, called himself "Incredi-boy" (sometimes not even wanting to answer to his real name), and hoped to become Mr. Incredible's sidekick in fighting crime.
Incredi-boy Enters

Buddy enters the building as "Incredi-boy".

One day, Buddy decided to take action, he put on his superhero outfit, and rocket boots, and flew to the scene of a battle between Mr. Incredible and Bomb Voyage. Buddy showed extreme excitement to being with Mr. Incredible, and attempted to show him how he made his rocket boots, only to be cut off by Mr. Incredible, who told him to go home. Buddy believed that the reason Mr. Incredible was acting this way was because he did not have powers, and told him that he did not need powers to fight crime, and that you could be super without them. Mr. Incredible, however, continued to tell Buddy to go home, but Buddy begged for a chance and ran to go get the police, not knowing that there was a bomb attached to his cape. Mr. Incredible, however, saw the bomb, and tried to stop him, but Buddy had already jumped out of the window. Mr. Incredible jumped out of the window, quickly, and grabbed onto Buddy's cape, attempting to remove the bomb, but all of Mr. Incredible's weight began to mess with Buddy's rocket boots' flight pattern. Mr. Incredible managed to remove the bomb, but ended up falling down to the city.


Buddy right before he tears down his poster of Mr. Incredible.

Later on, Mr. Incredible managed to get Buddy to the police to bring him home, and informed the police about Bomb Voyage, and how he was the one that caused the explosion (as, due to Buddy, Bomb Voyage had gotten away). Buddy became heartbroken to see Mr. Incredible reject him so much, and this began his hatred for Mr. Incredible.


"My name is not Buddy! And it's not Incredi-boy either. That ship has sailed. All I wanted was to help you. I only wanted to help. And what did you say to me? -- It tore me apart. But I learned an important lesson, you can't count on anyone. Especially your heroes."
—Syndrome after meeting Mr. Incredible for the first time in years.
In his adulthood, Buddy decided to go by the alias Syndrome and wear a different outfit. He continued to invent technology and ended up owning a tropical island which he lived on and created his plans on.

He used versions of a robot called the Omnidroid to kill various Supers in order to get the Omnidroid "worthy" of defeating Mr. Incredible, with the help of Mirage who he used to help track the Supers down and profile them. He kept a record on his computer that could be accessed by the password "Kronos" of all the superheroes he killed, listing their names, locations and powers and the word "terminated" if they were or were suspected to be dead.

When Mirage was tracking down Frozone, she located Mr. Incredible and she and Syndrome tricked him into coming to the island to fight the Omnidroid, exploiting his desire to be a superhero again. The first time, Mr. Incredible defeated the Omnidroid by standing inside the robot and tricking it into ripping itself apart. The second time, Mr. Incredible and Syndrome met face-to-face and Syndrome revealed his backstory. Mr. Incredible apologized, but Syndrome just said that Mr. Incredible now "respected him, because he was a threat". He told Mr. Incredible about how his inventions made him wealthy and intended to continue about his plans for the future but then realized he was "monologuing" and used an invention to lift Mr. Incredible up but due to being distracted, accidentally launched Mr. Incredible into the sea, so Syndrome dropped a bomb and then launched a probe checking for life signs.

Syndrome believed Mr. Incredible had died, but in actuality, he had swum away from the bomb before it exploded and tricked the probe by hiding under Gazerbeam's skeleton in a cave, where he got the "Kronos" password. He hacked Syndrome's computer and got some information but when the homing device on his Super-suit was activated, it led to him being captured.

With Mr. Incredible trapped in a restraining machine, Syndrome assumed he activated the homing device on purpose and sent for the airplane that Elastigirl, Violet, and Dash had arrived on when Elastigirl had discovered that Mr. Incredible was on the island and Dash and Violet had followed. Syndrome began to mock Mr. Incredible for "calling for help" and asked who he contacted. He played a recording from the plane and Mr. Incredible recognized Elastigirl, so Syndrome organized them to shoot the plane down. The plane exploded but unbeknownst to Mirage, Syndrome, and Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and her children survived. Mr. Incredible threatened to crush Mirage if he wasn't released but couldn't bring himself to do it, so Syndrome ridiculed him for being "weak". Mirage, however, disagreed, pointing out that "valuing life was not weakness".

While Elastigirl sneaked into Syndrome's fortress, Dash and Violet accidentally activated an alarm system that was controlled by a robot bird and some guards arrived. Mr. Incredible choked Mirage and threatened to kill her but she told him that his family survived, then they escaped and ended up reuniting with Dash and Violet and getting into a skirmish with guards before meeting Syndrome. Syndrome picked them up with the same device he used to pick up Mr. Incredible earlier, then put the whole family in restraint.

He then told them about how he to unleash the Omnidroid on the city and "save the day" and eventually sell his inventions when he became old so that "everyone could be superheroes". Violet got out of the restraint and helped her family escape back to the city.

Syndrome then unleashed the Omnidroid but the Parrs and Frozone defeated it.

Syndrome then kidnapped Jack-Jack, pretending to be a babysitter, and planned to make him his sidekick. However, Bob reforms him and Jack-Jack gets caught by Helen.

As the film ends, Syndrome gets sent to jail by the CEO of DEVTECH, Winston Deavor and his boss, Jimmy Underminer, comes to send war to the Earth.


Buddy is Caucasian, with a roundish face, freckles, and straight hair that was short and blond as a child but as an adult, it is longer, dark red and stands up on its own. He has blue eyes and had an average build as a child, but now is quite muscular (but not as much as Mr. Incredible).

His Incredi-boy suit was quite baggy and consisted of a navy blue cape and blue and white shorts and T-shirt and the rocket boots. Nowadays, he still wears rocket boots and a blue cape but now wears a black mask and a black, tight jumpsuit with a large white "S" on it.


  • His backstory and personality are quite similar to Turbo from Wreck-it-Ralph and Dave from Penguins of Madagascar.
  • Syndrome has similarities to the following villains:
    • Chancellor Kooth from "Wizards vs Aliens"
      • Both were originally loyal to an authority (Rick Dicker and the Nekross King).
      • Both later betray their authority (Buddy; to kill Mr. Incredible, Kooth; to become ruler of Nekron).
      • Both were defeated (Syndrome gets arrested by Winston Deavor and Kooth gets abruptly killed by the Nekross King).
    • Prince Hans from "Frozen"
      • Both first appear as protagonists and befriend the protagonists (Mr. Incredible and Anna).
      • Both later betray the protagonist and leave them for dead (Syndrome leaves Mr. Incredible and his family to be killed whilst Hans left Anna to freeze to death).
      • Both later get their comeuppance (Syndrome is arrested by Winston Deavor whilst Hans is sent back to his homeland to be punished by his brothers, however, getting one's comeuppance is common for villains in general).
    • Lawrence from "The Princess and the Frog"
      • Both betrayed an authority figure for a better offer (Syndrome betrayed Mr. Incredible when he made a better offer for Mirage not to be eaten if he led the Incredibles to him; Lawrence betrayed Naveen when Dr. Facilier offers him to work for him to be successful in life).
      • Both got their comeuppance (Syndrome is arrested by Winston Deavor for their crimes; Lawrence gets arrested and taken to the Paris Prison).
    • Tzekel-Kan from "The Road to El Dorado"
      • Both were originally loyal to a royal/government official (Rick Dicker and Chief Tannabok).
      • Both later betrayed their own kind (Supers and people of El Dorado).
      • Both worked alongside a powerful figure, only to get betrayed in the end (Mirage and Hernan Cortes).
    • Lola from "Shark Tale"
      • Both were the former friend of the protagonist (Mr. Incredible and Oscar)
      • Both formerly worked for the other antagonist (Don Lino and Mirage)
      • Both abuse the protagonist a lot (however, abuse is common for villains in general).
    • Chester V from "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2"
      • Both of their sidekicks betray and defeat them (Mirage and Barb.)
      • Both fail to kill the protagonist's loved ones in the last instant just as the protagonist saves them (Syndrome fails to kill Frozone and the Incredibles as Mr. Incredible stops the Omnidroid v.10; Chester fails to kill Flint's friends as Flint manages to use the button to move them away from food making machine.)
      • Both get their comeuppance (Buddy, who has been punished, is arrested by Winston Deavor; Chester is eaten by a giant cheesespider just before he can escape.)
    • Emperor Palpatine from "Star Wars - Episode VI - The Return of the Jedi"
      • Both are evil masters, corrupt officials and have villainous henchmen who redeem themselves (Mirage and Darth Vader.)
      • Both have armies backing them up (Omnidroids and Stormtroopers.)
    • Henry J. Waternoose III from "Monsters, Inc."
      • Both try to hide their villainy.
      • Both have former diabolical henchmen (Mirage and Randall Boggs.)
      • Both are the former CEO of a company.
      • Both trap the protagonists (Syndrome traps the Incredibles in their clutches, with Eugene; Waternoose traps Mike and Sulley in the Himilayas.)
    • Kent Mansley from "The Iron Giant"
      • They are nosy, paranoid, crave to exploit the heroes' identities, and get allied with an army leader (Mirage, General Rogard), only to have the latter turn on them.
      • They also hold high positions within the government and seek to advance them.
    • Judge Claude Frollo from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"
      • They are corrupt priests who use their positions to get rid of "wicked" people, and they're also insane.
      • They are also very disrespectful towards their benevolent authority figures (Rick Dicker, The Archdeacon).
    • Jafar from "Aladdin"
      • They seek to overthrow their bosses (Rick Dicker, The Sultan) and take over their respective kingdoms for themselves.
      • They are revealed to be sorcerers and later use their magic to try to kill the protagonists after realizing they are not who they say they are.
    • Zigzag from "Arabian Knight"
      • They are individuals subservient to another who eventually betray their superiors and ultimately allied with and became subservient to more dangerous villains (Syndrome: Mirage, Zigzag: King Mighty One-Eye).
    • Kralahome from "The King and I"
      • They are powerful people who use unusual properties (magic in Kralahome's case and unusual technology in Syndrome's case) and seek to take over an area for themselves.
      • They also have hapless henchmen at their disposal (Syndrome: Mirage, Kralahome: Master Little).
    • Mola Ram from "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom"
      • They are crazed and sadistic individuals who frequently commit human sacrifice. However, Mola Ram is Pure Evil, whereas Syndrome is a comedic villain. Also, Syndrome didn't mean to sacrifice himself.
        • Unlike those villains, Syndrome reformed and became a protagonist, but in the second month before Jimmy Underminer's arrival, he got arrested.