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This page consists of the official timeline of the Incredibles franchise created by Brad Bird. The events of alternate timelines and even alternate game timeline are included and clearly noted.Incredibles


The Incredibles

  • Prologue

In the first scene in the Incredibles in the flashback to Mr. Incredible and Elasta Girl when they were young that scene takes place in 1947

  • Years Later

After Mr. Incredible and Elast Girl settle down after their marriage bob can be seen reading May, 16th 1962 meaning it has been years since the beginning of the movie

  • We later see another scene that skips 15 years into the future

The Incredibles 2

  • The beginning of the movie takes place an attosecond where the first movie left off

Lego Universe

Lego Universe has published one licensed Disney inspired games and playsets, primarily focusing on The Incredibles. Strictly speaking, the Lego Incredibles material falls into three continuities: Lego The Incredibles, the video games and its tie-in movies and toy sets (incluiding any crossover lego games); The Lego Movie, any future cinema movies, and its tie ins and toy sets; and Any, TV shorts and direct to DVD movies.